I discovered David Bowie in 1983 when my brother  offers me the tape album « Let’s Dance ».
A friend lent me two 7″, « Ashes to Ashes » , « Fashion » and the « Low » LP.  I bought in stride « Don’t be Fooled By The Name », « Pin Ups » ………
Permanent changes in musical style and look.
I’m confused, surprised and conquered.
How the blond singer mainstream of « China Girl » can approach so many different musical styles with totally different looks …?
I was bitten, from albums to albums, from surprise to surprise, I heard everything and often bought (to the extent of my youth means!).
I have never been disappointed!
I collect mainly since 1983 all 7″ French press in all their editions or reprints even with minor changes of press or print.
Today I have almost all of them and concentrate to replace the copies in my possession by completely new copies M / M.
I increase the collection with some foreign pressings, books and magazines. The flyers and goodies came just for fun.
I hope you enjoy this site.  (and forgive me for my broken English) 
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